RYZ training in radiation protection and biosafety

Radiation protection and biosafety are important parts of activities and programs involving the use or control of radiation sources and biological material.

Training in radiation protection and biosafety is fundamental in order to prevent or reduce the likelihood of harm to workers, patients, and members of the public.

RYZ Radiation and Biosafety Consulting can develop training programs at different levels (basic, intermediate or advanced) adjusted to the specific needs of professional partners.*

Training courses may include one or more of the following topics:

  • Biosafety
  • Laser safety
  • Protection against radiofrequency (RF) radiation
  • Radiation protection in diagnostic radiology
  • Radiation protection in interventional radiology (cardiology, surgery)
  • Quality control of medical X-ray machines (radiography, fluoroscopy, CT)
  • Radiation protection in dental radiology
  • Radiation protection in nuclear medicine: diagnostic imaging
  • Radiation protection in nuclear medicine: radionuclide therapy (Treatment of thyroid cancer, and hyperthyroidism)
  • Radiation protection in a radionuclide laboratory
  • Management of low-level radioactive wastes
  • Radiation protection in the industry: NDT, high-energy X-rays, high dose irradiators, gauging, tracing, NORM
  • Environmental impact of natural and artificial radiation

Detailed outlines can be made available on request.

Training courses can be organized on-site in single or multiple sessions. Examination and certification can be arranged.

Please contact us to discuss specific training arrangements that fit your needs.

* Medicine, industry, university, research center, civil defence, government agencies, professional associations in British Columbia and other provinces.