The assessment of safety around radiofrequency sources requires the knowledge of several parameters, as listed below, and the selection of appropriate methods and procedures:

RF source (emitting antenna)

  • Shape and dimensions
  • Frequency or wavelength
  • Maximum output
  • Gain

RF beam

  • Direction and angle
  • Continuous or pulsed

RF survey meters

  • Broadband meter
  • Frequency-selective meter
  • E and H probes*

Exposure conditions

–    Site topology

–    Exposure in the near field: measurements

  • Measurement of E and H, separately*
  • Calculations are relatively complex and require a special software

–    Exposure in the far field: measurements and calculations

  • Measurement of E, H, or S*
  • Calculation of S is relatively simple


*E: Electric field (V/m)

H: Magnetic field (A/m)

S:  Power density (W/m2)