Laser Safety laws and regulations in Canada, British Columbia

Health Canada

Health Canada regulates laser devices under the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, the Medical Devices Regulations and the Food and Drugs Act. These Acts and Regulations ensure that laser systems sold in Canada are safe and effective when used for their licenced medical purposes by trained professionals according to the manufacturers’ directions.

Federal Provincial Territorial Radiation Protection Committee (FPTRPC)

BC Workers Compensation Act – Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation

The OHS Regulation contains legal requirements that must be met by workplaces in BC. In general, ANSI Standard Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers, as amended from time to time, is observed.

For health care lasers, two sets of standards are observed:

  • ANSI Standard Z136.3 Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities
  • CSA Standard Z386 Laser Safety in Health Care Facilities

WCA – OHS Regulation – Part 7 Division 3 Radiation Exposure

RYZ – Health Care Laser Safety Programme Highlights

Laser Safety training as prescribed by CSA Z386 (2014)

RYZ Radiation and Biosafety Consulting offers Laser Safety training courses designed by certified experts, tailored for British Columbia. We work closely with WorkSafeBC to ensure compliance to national and provincial requirements.

CSA Z386 (2014) Level 2 laser safety training – health care lasers

Applicable to Laser Operators (LO) and Laser Users (LU)

  • overview of CSA Standard Z386 Laser Safety in Health Care Facilities
  • general facility policy and procedure
  • types of lasers used and general applications in health care facilities
  • roles, authority, and responsibilities of laser team members
  • laser physics
  • laser–tissue interaction
  • types of lasers and their delivery systems
  • accessory equipment and instrumentation
  • understanding dosimetry
  • assessment of hazards and risks
  • reporting (includes 2015 updates on BC Workers Compensation Act)
  • applicable documentation

CSA Z386 (2014) Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training – health care lasers

  • all items included in the CSA Z386 (2014) Level 2 laser safety training
  • regulatory requirements in British Columbia
  • application of CSA Standard Z386 Laser Safety in Health Care Facilities
  • hazard identification and implementation of applicable control measures
  • facility reporting for accidents, incidents, or occurrences

Bonus material

In addition to course-specific items, our health care laser safety courses also include:

  • how laser owners/operators in BC are affected by federal laws
    • Radiation Emitting Devices Act (buying/selling your laser equipment; import/export)
    • Medical Devices Regulations and the Food and Drugs Act
  • highlights of laser safety regulations and standards in other parts of the world
    • U.S.A. – FDA
    • Europe – IEC
    • This information is especially pertinent when dealing with laser equipment manufactured outside of Canada.
  • patient safety – as prescribed by CSA Z386 (2014)
  • WorkSafeBC compliance for laser safety – with certificate of completion